-Why shop T Shirt Crack?
-How to place your order?
-How do I change or cancel an order?
-How to pay?
-Cheapest shipping on earth? Yes!
-What’s taking so long? Where is my humorous t shirt I ordered?
-How can I track my shipment?
-How do I make a return?
-Gift certificates?
-Quality and sizing??
-Washing and care instructions?
-How can I get my ideas to you?
-What about pictures of my weird friends passed out drunk in the driveway wearing one of your crazy t shirts?
-Partners and other cool stuff?

-RSS feeds?

Why shop T Shirt Crack?

-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Can you return anything to us? No problem. We guarantee everything we sell 100%. Just send it back within 30 days for a hassle free exchange or return.

Do we want you to return anything to us? No way! We like selling stuff and keeping it sold! But if ya don’t like it, or there is a problem, we’ll take care of you.


All of our shirts are American Apparel unless otherwise specified. American Apparel shirts are the softest and best looking on the market. They are made to fit brilliantly, and are made of 100% preshrunk combed cotton. American apparel is a brand that you know and trust.

Our printing process of all our trendy t shirts is second to none. We have combined the best process screen printing with the ability to choose your colors and styles. All of our shirts are screen printed with plastisol inks, giving them excellent durability and a great feel. We do not use cheap on demand printing. Our humorous t shirts will stand the test of time.


Some sites you have to take the off the self colors they have selected, and they only have t shirts available. Here you get to select your design, shirt style, shirt color, and size. We have thousands of combinations to make you happy!

-Original Content

All of our content on all our t shirts is original. You can’t find these shirt designs anywhere else. We came up with them, we designed them, and we do not sell them to anyone else.

-Free Shipping!

Free shipping when you buy any 4 silly t shirts or hoodies. And our shipping rates on smaller orders is the cheapest around.

How to place your order?

1. Go to the product page of the t shirt you want.
2. In the drop down boxes select the style, color, and size of your shirt.
3. Click add to cart.
4. From your cart click proceed to checkout and go through the checkout process.
5. Bang, you’re done.

Still having problems? Click here to contact us and set off our sirens and alarm bells. We will come running to your rescue within 24 hours (we run slow).

How do I change or cancel an order?

The print deadline to cancel or change an order of your cool t shirts is the Sunday after you place your order at 11:59PM PST. We compile all print runs at midnight on Sunday. Just click here to contact us with your order number and info and we can cancel or change it for you. Easy.

Miss the deadline? No problem also. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can still send your order back for any reason for 30 days.

We will love you more though if you keep it.

How to pay?

We accept and prefer Visa and Mastercard on our site. We accept American Express, Discover and all other forms of payment through PayPal or Google Checkout. We also accept TShirtCrack.com gift certificates.

We do not accept checks, money orders, clam shells, or any other archaic form of payment. If you want to write a check, become a 75 year old woman, go to the grocery store, and hold up the line for 15 minutes. You can write your checks there.

Cheapest shipping on earth? Yes!

-US Postal Service within the US (5-7 business days from ship date)

1 Shirt $4.49
2 Shirts $5.99
3 Shirts $8.49
4 or more Shirts are $2.50 each additional.

-US Postal Service International

How on to your horses for a minute, we are working on it.

-Express, overnight, expedited shipping?

Nope! We do not offer express shipping. We like USPS with First Class mail and Priority Mail, so will you.

What’s taking so long? Where is my humorous t shirt I ordered?

Patience my friend, perfection takes time. Everything you order is made weekly. You pick the design, style, color, and size. And use top quality silk screen techniques, and it takes a little time. Here’s why.

All orders places weekly from Monday 12:01AM PST to Sunday 11:59PM are scheduled to start printing that following Monday. It then takes us a few days to print them, and a few more for those disgruntled postal employees to get them to you.

For example, if you place your order on Wednesday, we begin that print run the Monday after. That can take a few more days, so in this case your cool t shirts would probably ship on Wednesday (one week after you placed the order). Then depending on where you live, the shipping time will vary. We ship from Los Angeles, CA, so the southwest is 1-2 days shipping time, Midwest takes 3-4, and everybody on the east coast will be waiting about 5 business days from the time your order ships.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. All T Shirt Crack packages are shipped with tracking numbers. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when the package is shipped. You can track your package at USPS.com or by doing a Google Search for your tracking number.

How do I make a return?

We have a no hassle return policy of any unworn, unwashed item returned within 30 days of purchase(less all shipping and handling fees). Your return must include your invoice number. If you do not have your invoice number, you can contact us by clicking here.

Just send your order back to our warehouse address of:

2677 W Cheyenne Ave
N Las Vegas, NV 89032

You can contact us directly by clicking here. You can expect a response within 24 hours.

Gift certificates?

Hell yes! We sell them and also give a ton away. Click here to buy some. If you received one from us or someone else, feel free to use it however you like.

Our T Shirt Crack gift certificates are sellable and transferrable, even if we gave it to you. So do whatever you want with them.


Nope. Plain and simple. These offensive t shirt designs are ours. We made them, we love them, and we don’t sell or license them to any other retailer.

If you see our trendy t shirts somewhere else, click here to contact us and we’ll get after them like we are killing snakes. We might just send you a little reward too ; )

Quality and sizing?

We only use first quality American Apparel shirts unless otherwise specified. They are 100% preshrunk cotton.

Mens T-Shirts - 2001 American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Click here for sizing!
Womens T-Shirts - 2102 American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Click here for sizing!
Women’s Babydoll - 4305 American Apparel Babydoll Click here for sizing!
Women’s Boybeater Tank – 3308 American Apparel 2x1 Boy Beater Tank Click here for sizing!
Kids T-Shirts – 2000B Gildan Ultra Cotton Youth T-Shirt Click here for sizing!
Designer Hoodies – P170 Hanes Comfortblend Pullover Hoodie 7.8 oz Click here for sizing!
Men’s ¾ Length Jersey – T200 Sport-Tek 100% Cotton ¾ length Jersey Click here for sizing!

Washing and care instructions?

T Shirt Crack uses American Apparel's 100% preshrunk combed cotton shirts unless otherwise specified. Expect 5% shrinkage after normal wash. Wash warm, dry low. You should not expect much fading from the fabric or print (because our print process is AWESOME), but just be sure to keep those colors and whites separate.

How can I get my t-shirt ideas to you?

Hello! That’s what all our t shirt design contests are for. You can even win up to $500 for submitting designs! Come up with as many t shirts with sayings ideas, or just great designs that you can and get them entered! Click here to go to our contest page.

What about pictures of my weird friends passed out drunk in the driveway wearing one of your shirts?

Have you even looked at this site yet? We have a t shirt contest for that too! You can win cash in the contest be submitting all those pictures. Just go to the contests page and get started!

Partners and other cool stuff?

Sure thing. Check out our directory partners page byclicking here and get started!


Right here at https://www.tshirtcrack.com/tscsitemap.xml and get started!

RSS feeds?

Uh, ya! Syndicate us, link to us, keep updated on our new products and promotions at http://www.tshirtcrack.com/index.php/rss

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