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About TShirtCrack.com

TShirt Crack was developed in the back of the brains of some really sick people beginning in 2008. Our crack team, and yes there WAS a pun intended, started development of a site to brainwash the entire human race, and then eliminate them. That software is still beta, so we needed to sell some cool t shirts in the meantime to subsidize our project.

People sick enough to have the want and willpower to eliminate all people on earth, just based on personal hatred, had some pretty good ideas for rude t shirts. We are now bringing them to you, directly from your new best friends. Friends that want to kill you of course.

I mean, take a look at some of the funny shit we have on this site. We are providing you with constant entertainment through great blogs, great funny pictures, NEWS, and offering you a multitude of ways to win our money!

So get some cool hoodies, or shirts, send us pics of you wearing them, win a bunch of money, and get out there and get laid for Gods sake! Trust us, these shirts help you get laid!

Keep it real homies, if ya wanna get a hold of us, we're right here.
hello bitch!