Introduction of Nanjing Lasa Road Primary School

Nanjing Lasa Road Primary School is one of the best primary schools in Nanjing, which was founded in June 1963. There are more than 59classes, 2,900 students and 140 faculty members in it. It has been recognized as the first choice for Nanjing residents because of its high teaching quality, high level teachers and excellent graduates.

     In 2010, Lasa Road Primary School Education Group was established, jointed by Yincheng Primary School, Jinling Huiwen Primary School, Baochuan Primary School and The Affiliated Primary School of Jiangsu Institute of Education. It wins the praise and trust of the society with a total of nearly 8,000 students and more than 400 teachers.

For a long time, the teachers insist the philosophy that let every child get all-round development and become more intelligent through the process to put efforts in cultivating the students to be "healthier, happier, more diligent and more intelligent!  The school has a powerful faculty team for leading a strong teaching research.

        For the sake of childrens well-development, the school has explored six school-based curriculum, "financial management" concerned about the child's Financial Literacy; "Classic Reading"  focus on  childrens literature talent; "Chinese folk culture" let children enjoy traditional culture through the way of playing; "Life manual" is a life planning course, 'Departure from China "is an international understanding courses; "tennis", "Swimming", "Badminton" and other sports courses help to keep physical fitness.

      In recent years, more and more students in Lasa Road Primary School go abroad on study tours. We have friendly exchanges with schools in Singapore, Britain, Australia and other countries. Students from Lasa Road Primary School have drawn the attention on the world stage!

Nanjing Lasa Road Primary School

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